Hi There,
At this point in time, you should have received everything in your beautiful photographic package, except your Acrylic 3-up Wall Decor (pictured below)...

At the end of last year a significant amount of our Acrylic 3-up Wall Décor stock was damaged in a freak storm. As a result of this, our overseas supplier has not been able to replenish our stock as required and our customers orders are being effected.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused as there is currently a 6-8 week delay for this product, however at no extra cost we would like to offer you our latest HOT product, which is our 9-up Wall Art (see below)…

Now of course it’s totally up to you, BUT if you choose the 9-up Wall Art as an alternative to your Acrylic 3-up Wall Decor, we will have it delivered within 2 weeks!


To confirm your choice of 9-Up Wall Art, simply call our Customer Care team on (07) 5512 0000 or email [email protected]


If you don’t decide to take our upgraded offer of the 9-up Wall Art, your Acrylic 3-up Wall Décor will be posted to you as soon as we receive the stock to fulfill your order.


Once again, we offer our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused and we appreciate your understanding.

Warm Regards,

Imagine That Photography